Updated VDE certificate for PeX series solar modules

Updated VDE certificate for PeX series solar modules

  • 2021-08-20
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    Sonnex PeX series solar module applies the PERC half-cells, from size 158.75mm to 166mm, 182mm and 210mm with different configurations, including 54 series, 60 series, 66 series and 72 series. Recently Sonnex new type of modules with 210mm cell is also certified with VDE certificate. Sonnex will start to supply 210mm cell modules in Q4 with 40 series and 60 series with the highest power up to 600W, which are designed for utility projects and large commercial projects. Both dual-glass modules and back sheet modules are available.


    Key advantages of PeX series for utility projects,

    1. Ultra-high power above 600W with highest module efficiency 21.4% for lower LOCE
    2. Low voltage and higher string power output
    3. Both monofacial and bifacial are available  
    4. Longest product warranty up to 30 years


    Sonnex is focusing on developing higher efficiency and more reliable solar modules to support different solar projects with more economic solutions.




    Updated VDE certificate for PeX series solar modules

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